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Since 2001, a regular Conductor of the world's longest running live music programme, Friday Night Is Music Night for BBC Radio 2.

With TBI (Phil Critchlow, Jonathan Mayo & Andrew Wyke) many collaborative real-time dramatised live music programmes:

World Cup 66, Battle of Britain at 75, VE Day at 70, D-Day 70 Years On, JFK - Minute by Minute, Dambusters 70 Years On, 12 Hours To Please Me (Recreating The Beatles' first Album - Please Please Me - in real time at Abbey Road), Titanic - Minute by Minute.


BBC Radio 2Day Gala Concert, Proms in the Park, Elvis Forever, Elbow at Abbey Road, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Birthday in the Park, Friday Night Is BOND Night, Cheltenham Jazz Festival – The Billie Holiday Story – The Billy Strayhorn Story, BBC Radio 2 Voice of Musical Theatre Competition.


Photo: TBI Media
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