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Mrs Henderson Presents

Mrs Henderson Presents - plus..... Posted by: Mike Dixon at 06:53, January 11 2016.

A busy few months - from the promo recordings for Mrs Henderson Presents, recorded at Abbey Road with George Fenton and Simon Chamberlain and our wonderful Tracie Bennet and Emma Williams - - through Miss World in Sanya - - now in midst recording the Cast Album for Mrs Henderson and today off to Air Lyndhurst Studios to continue with Ian Bartholomew, Robert Hands etc. We recorded the band and a lot of the vocals last week in Angel Studios, Islington. Obviously we can only record in a studio beginning with 'A'!

Next week rehearsals start for the West End transfer of Mrs Henderson and we open in the Noel Coward theatre on Feb 16th. Mrs Henderson continues to be a joyous experience. Hugely talented Creatives and a wonderful cast to bring the show to life.

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