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Friday Night Is.....Music Night

Anthony Cherry in full flow behind me giving the audience the Producer's view!

Since 1999 I have had the pleasure of conducting many, many Friday Night Is Music Night programmes for BBC Radio 2 and even though most of these programmes are either live or recorded 'as live' with the adrenalin level suitably high, I can honestly say that I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of them. An amazing bag of music - from Elgar to Gary Barlow - and with the most versatile orchestra in the UK - if not the world - the BBC Concert Orchestra. Truly brilliant when in full flow. I have also worked with some great producers on the show - Alan Boyd, Bridget Apps, Jodie Keane and most recently, Anthony Cherry. They are unsung heroes indeed! And the presenters - from Richard Baker through to Ken Bruce via Michael Parkinson - an amazing array.

Today at 8pm on BBC Radio 2 the concert we recorded at Hackney Empire on Wednesday is being aired. A special tribute to celebrate the late great David Jacobs who would have been 90 this week.

His daughter, Emma Jacobs, was our presenter and we had the great singing talents of Michael Ball, Hannah Waddingham, Rodney Earl Clarke and Gary Williams. The music goes from La Cage aux Folles through High Society to find itself at Mack and Mabel via John Barry's theme for Juke Box Jury - Hit and Miss.

So for me just another day of my varied musical life - but really and honestly - I am like a little boy in a toy shop!

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