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Abbey Road Studio 1, 2 & 3 Three Amazing weeks

Jan 3rd to 19th 2017

75 piece RPO led by Duncan Riddell - my view in Abbey Road Studio 1

The culmination of many months of sorting, editing, writing, arranging and finally conducting a truly world class orchestra - The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - playing all this Azeri music for Baku 2017 Opening Ceremony which will happen on May 12th 2017 in the Olympic Stadium in Baku.

A world class engineer is a must on a project like this and Steve Price is simply the best and the safest pair of hands!

Along with Steve to have Jen Green as my Lead Orchestrator has been a joy. We've worked together on many big events and her attention to detail and general demeanour is just brilliant!

The WHOLE Music Recording Team!

Left to right: Callum Au (Orchestrator), Thomas Hewitt Jones (Orchestrator), Malcolm Newton (Associate Music Director), Jen Green (Lead Orchestrator), Steve Price (Engineer), Mike Dixon (Music Director & Conductor), Jill Streater (Copyist), Ian Maclay (RPO), Jane Aebi (RPO), Gordon Davidson (Recordist), Matt Jones (Recording Assistant), Marc Tritschler (Associate Music Director).

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