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Available on BBC Sounds from March 7th 2020

Rehearsals at Alexandra Palace - the old theatre there...

A reunion with dear Will - we worked together first on Pop Idol in 2001 - Light My Fire!!

Cassidy Janson - currently starring in '& Juliet' - sensational

Dear Katie Melua - such a talent - our second time working together

The Shires - this material was made for them!

A new find - Wildwood Kin - and all from my home county of Devon!

Nikhil d'Souza - he found some fabulous colours and sang brilliantly

Soul - real soul - from Tony Momrelle

Adam Dickinson and Cameron Potts who are currently playing Simon and Garfunkel live on stage - Cameron takes a while to get his hair like that...

Our Presenter Lemn Sissay MBE a real poet there to talk about the real poetry of those lyrics

It was a joyous evening and I was particularly happy to stand in front of the BBC Concert Orchestra for the first time since my cancer in 2018. Stunning playing and great new orchestrations from Jen Green, Paul Bateman, Martin Williams, Richard Balcombe, Callum Au, Richard and Steve Sidwell, John G Smith, Roy Moore and Cliff Masterson. The final song of the album - Song For The Asking - we performed with only the string section playing live with Paul Simon's original on track. It was really very special. Produced impeccably by my dear friend, Anthony Cherry.

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