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Daughters and their Talent

I don't think there is anything more satisfying than watching talent nurture, grow and blossom in your own children. This awful year for our business has highlighted to me just how brilliant my girls are!

LILLIE has managed to make the very best of her Film Director course at MetFilm School under truly tricky conditions. She has even used her old Dad as a subject for her Short Documentary assignment and you can watch it here. She is going to make a thirty minute one later in the year, so beware!

MEG has continued her Sunday Lockdown with Meg series on Instagram Live (4pm Sunday @meg_rosedixon) and even though she has gone back to living in her flat rather than with Natalie and me, I still seem to have to get involved!! The whole series is up on YouTube here and below is a recent one with yours truly joining in half way through and performing Neil Young's Philadelphia!

This is definitely a ProudDad post!!

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