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Weird and trying to find the Wonderful

Will we come out of Europe? Well anyone who looks occasionally at my Twitter feed will know where I stand on that question. I've been very pro Europe all my adult life, in fact the very first time I voted was back in 1975 and the first Edward Heath referendum when, naturally, given what I've previously said, I voted to go IN.

These last few weeks in the UK have seen seismic change and will probably continue to expose a lot of our politician's frailties of ambition for a good few months to come. I say shame on them and especially after the tragic murder of Jo Cox MP just a week before the vote.

However, it is up to us to stop the divisiveness, it is up to us to KBO (as Churchill would have said) and it is up to us to prove that the future in this Country will be Inclusive and not Exclusive.

Yes, democracy has been seen to be done, and, even though we may not like it, we have to move forward and make the best happen - it is so weird right now but we have to find the wonderful.

Sitting in North Cornwall after another visit to Azerbaijan and Baku and working with a wonderfully diverse group of people - Azeri, Australian, Italian, Greek, British - my future is certainly about diversity and long may it be so!

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